Website Hosting by the U3A Network – NSW

The Network has the ability to provide website hosting to its member organisations.  This makes the Network a direct service provider, endeavouring to provide the highest level of service we can within the restraints of an all-volunteer organisation.

What do we offer?

• Website hosting on our domain – that means that the Network owns the Internet domain name of  If you join our project then your U3A gets a unique subdomain name of

(for example see the Manning Valley U3A website at

• Website content management software.  Many volunteer based organisations are reluctant to undertake the building and on-going support of a website because they don’t have members who understand the underlying technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. etc.).  The Network has chosen a software product called WordPress as a content management system.  WordPress is very similar to a normal word processor package; it allows you to create, edit and delete web pages on your website just as you would word processing documents.  The documents are edited using a conventional word processor like virtual editor (eg. to bold text just select it and press the ‘Bold’ button).  For simple websites there is no need to dig down into the underlying code.  On the other hand, if you know what all the jargon above means and don’t want to use WordPress (as four of our clients have chosen) then we will host your current website  accordingly.

• E-mail addresses.  Technically we have the ability to provide an unlimited number of e-mail addresses.  Practically four or so is no problems at all.  All new websites have the following e-mail addresses: and – if you want more then just let the Network administrator know.  Other U3As have additional e-mail addresses of secretary@… , president@… , treasurer@… and courses@… for example.

• Other Internet services such as bulletin boards and photo galleries can be installed if you require them.

Establishment fee for this service is $100 which includes your first year’s subscription.  Thereafter the annual subscription is $50.

For further information, contact the webmaster, Bert de Hosson, in the first instance, by email at