Useful Newslink Articles

Listed below are articles from Newslink which your U3A could find helpful. If you wish to read a particular article, just click on the link under its Edition heading to access that particular copy of Newslink.

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Article Details Author Edition Comments
Separating the U3A Baby from the Bathwater Very good article on the nature of U3A Mel Davies October 2006 Still applies 10 years later.
A) Ageing Myths P14

B) Ageing Well P15

Well written articles addressing the myths still prominent in society and good tips for healthy ageing A)     Research Team in USA

B)     Huffington Post

Jan 2008 Worth reminding ourselves of the positive aspects of seniors in society.
Financial Tips Range of ideas from U3As to help with keeping costs low. From U3A Conference Jan 2009 Still relevant
Promote Yourself Advice from U3As From U3A Conference Jan 2009 Still Useful
à Guide for recruiting Committee Members How to attract and keep Committee Members From U3A Conference April 2009 Great ideas
Report from a Survey of U3A members Really interesting analysis particularly regarding the gender imbalance in membership Dr Lydia Hebestreit April 2009 Recommendations still very relevant
Challenge of recruiting Leaders/Tutors Further analysis from survey plus advice from groups about successful ideas Dr Lydia Hebestreit July 2009 Focus on Tutors is still relevant
Is Untutored teaching Worth Trying Advice on using Resource library for groups to manage their own learning. Editor July 2009
How to Deal with Difficult U3Aers A very useful and entertaining article on dealing with “problem” class members Graeme Eggins Jan 2010 Very relevant
A Guide for Committee members Useful information for incoming new Committee members Editor Feb 2012
Local Government & Positive Ageing Policies Comprehensive Guide Newslink Editor May 2012
Risk Management Useful article on likely risks and how to manage them Allan Haggarty May 2011 Essential Reading for all groups
About Your Constitution Clear explanation of what can be a difficult subject. Allan Haggerty Oct 2011
Network Resource Library p4 Overview including some resources and How to Order Newslink Editor Feb 2013 Still applicable
Brain articles p6 A useful article and website Julie Henry (article) Feb 2013 Can help keep brains healthy
Course Leaders p9 How to find, resource and reward course leaders Frank Jennings May 2013 (NB the author Frank Jennings has since passed away)
How to get newsworthy photos pp 8 & 9 Handy for promoting and publicising your U3A Claire Eglinton August 2013 Some simple steps that are often overlooked
Extracts from Profile of Network eg Learning and Social Benefits pp 1 & 3 Some useful statistics and helpful hints for advancing your U3A Jean de Hosson Nov 2013 Stats that can emphasise the effectiveness of U3A
COTA p7 How to access COTA’s many fact sheets Newslink Editor Nov 2013 There are more than 80 of them
Gill Walker’s Marketing Ideas pp 9 & 10 Some useful marketing ideas Newslink Editor Nov 2013 An area often overlooked
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute tours U3A tour groups welcome – details of tour and contact Newslink Editor Feb 2015
Bequests to U3A Looks at reasons for, and how to, leave a bequest to U3A in your will Allan Haggarty May 2015 Excellent but simple article that could be reproduced in local newsletters
Scams Simple look at email and phone scams Your Life Choices and Telstra websites May 2015 Suitable for reproduction in local newsletters
Sharing the Load Looks at a film appreciation group that meets with the adjoining U3A and shares a Tutor Aileen Harland, Liaison Officer, Wollongong U3A August 2015 Most suitable for U3As in close proximity.
U3A and your LGA Looks at some of the issues in working with your Council, including community transport and venues Barrie Brennan, Tamworth U3A August 2015 Thought-provoking discussion points, with a few solutions offered.
Obtaining low cost hardware and software for your U3A Details of “Connecting Up” – a donation and discount program for not-for-profits Mel Llewellyn Eastlakes U3A Nov 2015
Sydney Conservatorium of Music Tours and Free Concerts Tour and contact details Editor Feb 2016 Note: the Tours are NOT free
Travelling U3A (part of Regional News) Yorke Peninsular U3A (SA) experience with “grey nomads” May 2016 An experience worthy of replicating in regional/tourism areas
How to get new Committee People Ideas from a Q&A session at the 2009 Conference Graeme Eggins, U3A Northern Rivers April 2009 and

May 2016

U3A’s greatest challenge: How to get Baby Boomers to help us Follow up article from “How to Get New Committee People” (see above) Graeme Eggins, U3A Northern Rivers August 2016 Significantly more detailed than 2009 article – required reading, but not very complimentary about “Baby Boomers”!