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10 March, 2023

Message to U3A Network Members

I am pleased to report that the ‘startup’ of U3A operations for 2023 has proceeded satisfactorily with 77 U3As, predicting a projected total membership of 28219, having affiliated and taken up services with the Network.

As I noted in my last message on 23 January the 2023 Network Conference will take place on 18 and 19 April at Deniliquin. Our host, Deniliquin U3A Inc. have actively teamed with the Network in creating an interesting program. See this website for STATE CONFERENCE – 2023 for the details of the Conference and a post conference tour.

One of our guests at Deniliquin will be the current Chair of U3AAA – U3A Alliance Australia, Glen Wall, also Vice President of U3A Network Victoria.  I look forward to Glen outlining U3AAA’s projects and plans.  In the recent U3AAA Newsletter, Secretary Claire Eglinton provides an interesting report on volunteering in Australia, plus there’s some questions and answers about OneMusic and a NSW report submitted by our Jean Lewis, Reg. Rep. Hunter Valley and Central Coast featuring Hunter Ukulele players.

I must again make mention of the 2022-23 Network AGM.  It is scheduled for June 8 and will be organised using ZOOM.  Last year’s AGM was successfully conducted by Zoom leading to more members participating than at face-to-face meetings in earlier years. Details will be circulated and posted on this website as they come to hand.

My thoughts again go to those in NSW and in other states whose lives have been dislocated by extreme weather events.  I trust you are getting things back in order and the winter season is pleasant for you and your family.  Further I recognise the valuable efforts of the professional and volunteer workers that give so much in responding to difficult and, in some cases, very dangerous events.

Denis Simond
U3A Network Inc.
Email: u3answ.pres@gmail.com


It is now 2023 and COVID-19 remains an issue in the news with third week in January 2023 data showing: “22,177 cases of COVID-19 were reported across Australia, an average of 3,168 cases per day.” It should be noted that the case number trend is at present ‘downwards’.

Our Coronavirus News page has some helpful information and links.

About the Network

The U3A Network NSW Inc consists of over 60 autonomous U3As throughout NSW and several more groups from interstate, who are dedicated to providing life-long learning opportunities for their members in their 'third age', “The Age of Retirement”. Retirees, using the skills and interests gained during their working years either participate and/or present for the sheer pleasure of affordable “learning for fun”, engaging in physical activities and the resultant social benefits from meeting like-minded people.

The primary object of the U3A Network NSW Inc. is to assist the U3A Network Members by providing advice and relevant services to them and to encourage their involvement in the wider community, while recognising their autonomy.

Through Regional Representatives, U3A Network NSW encourages and facilitates cooperation and networking between Member U3As and shares experiences and benefits for all affiliated members.

By participating with other Australian State Networks, the NSW Network keeps in touch with Australia-wide U3A developments to ensure that Members of U3A Network NSW are made aware of initiatives that can benefit them.