Welcome to U3A Network NSW!

Network Executive and the Committee met urgently yesterday (13 March) and resolved “That the 2020 Annual Conference at Shellharbour be cancelled based on the high health risk of contracting the Coronavirus, the potential for financial risk to the Network if the Conference was to continue and the prospect that there will be further Governmental interventions affecting public gatherings”.

For more information please visit our Coronavirus Bulletins page.

Remote Learning

With Social Distancing becoming the norm, the Network has been assembling some ideas and options for our member U3As to keep in touch using the technologies of today, our computers and smartphones and certainly not peddle radios. A short list is on a new page that we are calling, for the want of a better name, Remote Learning, click and have a look and if you have an idea to submit, please Email info@nsw.u3anet.org.au.

By the way we are hoping that we reduce the "stay at home remoteness" that we all share.

About the Network

U3A Network NSW Inc is the licensed representative of The Third Age Trust for U3As located in NSW and several more groups from interstate who all support the general aims and directions of providing life-long learning opportunities for their members in their 'third age' using the skills of their members gained during their 'second age'.

The Third Age Trust owns the U3A trade mark in Australia. The primary object of U3A Network NSW Inc is to assist the U3As operating in its territory to adhere to the fundamental principles of U3A, to conduct their associations in a manner that protects the reputation of U3A and provides a wide range of educational opportunities to their respective members.

Welcome to our website we trust it will assist those who are:

  • from an affiliated U3A group,
  • current or prospective members of a U3A group,
  • wishing to locate a U3A group, or
  • simply inquisitive.

We think U3A is special and we trust you do too!

The Senior newspaper, our Media Partner, is a useful resource for members of our affiliated U3A groups. Here's a friendly way to connect to "The Senior" via the Puzzle page by clicking the image above. It's a good place to exercise the brain and then onto other helpful sections, such as, News, Health, Travel and more; all are accessible from The Senior's Home page.


Every quarter we publish a Newslink. A publication full of latest news from your region and around NSW, useful articles and information on the upcoming events. 

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