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The U3A Network NSW Inc. is an organisation of autonomous affiliated U3A groups in NSW and the ACT, and several more groups from interstate who all support the general aims and directions of providing life-long learning opportunities for their members in their 'third age' using the skills of their members gained during their 'second age'.


Every quarter we publish a Newslink. A publication full of latest news from your region and around NSW, useful articles and information on the upcoming events. 

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Selected Newslink Articles

U3A’s greatest challenge: How to get Baby Boomers to help us

by  Graeme Eggins “We’re having real trouble getting anyone at all to volunteer for the committee. The same with tutors.” How many times have you heard a U3A President, Secretary or class coordinator say this or something very similar? The problem of finding new active volunteers to replace U3A leaders, administrators and teachers is worldwide

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Travelling U3A

by Yorke Peninsula U3A A couple of people who have retired and were retired and travelling around Australia in a Motor Home and Caravan (two people travelling together) are using our local Library whilst they stay around for 6 weeks. They spoke to the Librarian and wondered if there was a group of people who

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Sydney Conservatorium of Music Tours and Free Concerts

Take a guided tour of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to learn an unknown history of Sydney. Follow an exciting itinerary with 12 different locations to retrace 200 years of Australian history. From Aboriginal land to an international music school, the Conservatorium of Music offers a great insight into the culture of Music in Sydney prior

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Obtaining low cost hardware and software for your U3A

by Mel Llewellyn, Eastlakes U3A Connecting Up Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that works to unleash the power of not-for-profits by providing a variety of information, products, resources and programs. Connecting Up manages technology donation programs of companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Symantec, SAP and many more to qualified not-forprofit organisations in Australia, To

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U3A and your LGA

by Barrie Brennan, Tamworth U3A Does your U3A have a good relationship with your local Council? How might this change as a result of potential amalgamations. Barrie Brennan of Tamworth U3A ponders the issues. My comments following are the result of my observations about the role of Local Government Councils. The observations result from my

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Sharing the Load

by Aileen Harland, Liaison Officer, Wollongong U3A It’s always a problem. Organizers seeking to put on a variety of courses face a huge strain in finding the human resources to maintain a vibrant, challenging program. Often it can seem that there are never enough people willing and able to carry out the research and deliver

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Your Life Choices and Telstra websites Fake Emails According to the latest Kaspersky Lab statistics, 73.3 per cent of emails sent worldwide are spam. The vast majority of these spam emails are created to scam you of your hard-earned money. Scammers are becoming more cunning than ever before with how they create scams and the

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Bequests to U3A

by Allan Haggarty U3A has made a real difference to the lives of many retirees. At the end of a term, knowing that classes would be in recess for some time, one of my U3A’s members said that he wouldn’t know what he’d do without U3A. And one of my U3A’s classes doesn’t stop during

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Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute tours

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is delighted to extend an invitation to you and your members to come and meet their world leading scientists and see first-hand the ground breaking research that they are doing. Through heart surgery, Dr Victor Chang was able to save hundreds of lives, but he knew that through research,

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Gill Walker’s Marketing Ideas

Gill Walker, who had a background in advertising and spoke on marketing to older adults, told us that 3 million Australians were born before 1946 and 86% of them are retired. 70% have been to Bunnings in the last 3 months which might encourage U3As to hold a sausage sizzle to recruit new members. 75%

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by Ian Day, Chief Executive Officer Council on the Ageing (NSW) Inc. More than one in every three people in NSW is aged over 50. As such, this group is highly significant in electoral, employment and market terms, but this impact is often not understood and in some cases not even considered. COTA NSW’s role, above

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Profile of the Network

by Jean de Hosson WHAT a wonderful response was made to our recent NSW Members’ Survey! 62 Surveys were dispatched and 59 were completed and returned. The Network Secretary, while kept busy, is absolutely thrilled with our members’ cooperation and willingness to be of help. Naturally, not all the information has been collated but here are

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How to get newsworthy photos

Edited by Claire Eglinton from an article in the newsletter of Lower North U3A, SA. News media is becoming a much more visual affair than it was years ago. Conditioned by decades of television watching, we expect more from newspapers than the old style column after column of newsprint. We expect to see photographs illustrating

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Course leaders – finding, servicing and rewarding convenors

by Frank Jennings This article is a summary of the main points made in the workshop on this topic, led by Fran Tarbox of Kempsey-Macleay alley U3A, at the 2012 Port Macquarie Network Conference. While every U3A operates in a different way, often depending on membership size, different methods of administration, and venues available, some of

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Brain articles

by Julie Henry Your Brain Matters is Alzheimer’s Australia’s NEW brain health program, designed to help Australians live a brain healthy life. We have also developed an App to assist in monitoring your brain health. Available for Android and Apple smart phones, download BrainyApp today to help you on your way to a brain healthy lifestyle.

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Network Resource Library

by Editor The Resource Library is a collection of course materials which can be used by any U3A organisation for the benefit of its members. Additionally, any individual may find the resources of interest for their own benefit. You can access the Library and its resources from the Network website then click onto the Resource

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Local Government & Positive Ageing Policies

by Editor September is the time for Local Government elections, and now is the time to start thinking about how well your Council looks after its older citizens, and U3A. The Workshop Staying Associated – Dealing with Local Government conducted at the 2012 Network Conference by Ron Browne and Ainslie Lamb, drew on the experience

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A Guide for New Committee Members

by Editor The aims and objectives of the Network are: To provide information, advice and relevant services to member U3As, and to encourage their involvement in the wider community, while recognizing their autonomy; To encourage co-operation and networking between member U3As, and as far as practicable, with other U3A organizations in Australia and internationally; To

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About Your Constitution

by Allan Haggerty Following changes to Associations Incorporation legislation and Regulations last year, many U3As are updating their current Constitutions to comply with the changes. The changes generally provide more flexibility for smaller incorporated associations, enabling such matters as postal voting, simplifying accounting procedures, and clarifying committee roles and responsibilities. A new Model Constitution has been

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Risk Management

by Allan Haggarty Risk Management, or managing risk is about minimising danger. It is, of course, impossible to eliminate it. Two simple examples are not to cross the road against a red light and not to change a light globe before switching off the light. Common sense? Yes, but as one gets older, one can be

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How to get new committee people

From U3A Conference HOW do we deal with members‘ lack of enthusiasm for committee positions? How to train people to be confident to take on committee roles? These were two of the most discussed questions raised by Dubbo U3A President Colin Jones when he chaired two Q&A sessions at the annual conference. All delegates agreed

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Promote Yourself

From U3A Conference PUBLICITY and promotion are essential to help spread the word about U3A in general and your U3A in particular. The aim is to gain new members while making the wider community more supportive of the achievements of the U3A movement. And what makes people join U3A? Bathurst U3A (NSW) asked members to

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