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COVID-19 remain an issue in the news into 2022 with Omicron and its variants it remains a concern with many unknowns.

Our Coronavirus News page has some helpful information and links.

About the Network

The U3A Network NSW Inc consists of over 60 autonomous U3As throughout NSW and several more groups from interstate, who are dedicated to providing life-long learning opportunities for their members in their 'third age', “The Age of Retirement”. Retirees, using the skills and interests gained during their working years either participate and/or present for the sheer pleasure of affordable “learning for fun”, engaging in physical activities and the resultant social benefits from meeting like-minded people.

The primary object of the U3A Network NSW Inc. is to assist the U3A Network Members by providing advice and relevant services to them and to encourage their involvement in the wider community, while recognising their autonomy.

Through Regional Representatives, U3A Network NSW encourages and facilitates cooperation and networking between Member U3As and shares experiences and benefits for all affiliated members.

By participating with other Australian State Networks, the NSW Network keeps in touch with Australia-wide U3A developments to ensure that Members of U3A Network NSW are made aware of initiatives that can benefit them.

25 September 2022

Message to U3A Network Members

In my last message on 25 June I wrote about the nature of the Network and my desire for you to see the network as a partner in making the U3A idea work well for all who are members.

We are in what is a chilly spring after a cold and wet winter. Our thoughts go out to all in the flood affected communities of the Northern Rivers, Western Sydney and other locations. The COVID-19 situation is changing and we must remain diligent in making sure our age cohort can participate safely.

Your Committee is already scoping our service provision for 2023 and your thoughts about our range of services will be welcome (please forward to secretary.u3answ@gmail.com). Taking into account your feedback with respect to the 2022 Census, our 2023 Annual Census is planned for end-October 2022 and the related information, as is the practice, will be placed on this website and circulated by Email. An earlier start to the process will lead to an end-of-January availability for the insurance certificate of currency.

U3A is a wonderful international volunteer initiative. I pay tribute to all who are contributing to the success of the organisation in NSW and with our interstate affiliates. If you have skills, talent and some time please contribute to U3A at the local or State level.

Denis Simond
U3A Network Inc.
Email: u3answ.pres@gmail.com