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We trust it will assist those who are:
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About the Network

The U3A Network NSW Inc consists of over 60 autonomous U3As throughout NSW and several more groups from interstate, who are dedicated to providing life-long learning opportunities for their members in their 'third age', “The Age of Retirement”. Retirees, using the skills and interests gained during their working years either participate and/or present for the sheer pleasure of affordable “learning for fun”, engaging in physical activities and the resultant social benefits from meeting like-minded people..

The primary object of the U3A Network NSW Inc. is to assist the U3A Network Members by providing advice and relevant services to them and to encourage their involvement in the wider community, while recognising their autonomy.

Through Regional Representatives, U3A Network NSW encourages and facilitates cooperation and networking between Member U3As and shares experiences and benefits for all affiliated members.

By participating with other Australian State Networks, the NSW Network keeps in touch with Australia-wide U3A developments to ensure that Members of U3A Network NSW are made aware of initiatives that can benefit them.


It is late November 2021 and COVD-19 is still an issue in the news and it remains a concern. If needed click this link to download Obtain Your Vaccination Certificate tutorial on the process.

Early in 2022 Booster Shots are very much part of the discussion, visit our Coronavirus News page for some background on booster jabs.

A Message For The Members
of the NSW Network

With the Special General Meeting (2 to 5 Nov) now over, your somewhat reduced Network Committee has commenced addressing the provision of the services that are expected of us.

We can now begin to put behind us the problems we have experienced during the last 6 months. Your committee has already begun the task of finalising the necessary services and expenses for 2022.

Your new Committee is made up primarily of Regional Representatives (RRs), who are first and foremost your representatives. They, your RRs, welcome any input or feedback and assistance that you feel is important as they arrange the Insurances, Copyright and One Music licences, Screenrights and the vital Webhosting presence, where our 2020 project has led to a stronger service for all users.

As many of your renewed committee may be unknown to you, an introductory, brief resume of the Committee members will soon be uploaded on the U3A Network NSW website. We welcome the return of Phil Warren to look after the U3A NSW website and to share his technology insights and his advocacy for the important use of the Internet to assist with our connecting with U3A Members and providing services to you, our Members and your U3A community.

Volunteers are the backbone of all U3As and your Network Committee will need, from time to time, to enlist the help of volunteers with specialist knowledge and skills.

Unfortunately, next year’s conference in Orange, has been cancelled due to Covid uncertainty. However, Cross Regional Meetings will be arranged to replace it and these will be conducted by your RRs. They would welcome suggestions for sessions that would be of interest to you, our Members. There will be no sessions which are not of direct interest to U3A Members and no sessions telling autonomous U3As how to manage their association.

Finally as the spectre of Covid lessens its impact on our lives, I know that I speak for all U3As who look forward to meeting again to continue learning, laughing and living once more, in the spirit of U3A.

As you plan for face to face courses and physical activities for 2022, please remember that your RR, as well as representing you on the Network Committee, may be able to assist you by sharing the experiences of others within your region.

Thank you for putting your faith in the renewed committee! Your support is sincerely appreciated.

Denis Simond,
U3A Network NSW Inc,
11 November, 2021