About Governance

What is Governance?

“Good governance exists where an organisation has systems and processes in place that are appropriate to its circumstances, and which enable the organisation to pursue its purpose effectively and meet its obligations under the law.”
Source: Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Guidance for Member U3A Associations

U3A Network NSW is committed to providing appropriate information related to Parliamentary Legislation and Gazetted Regulations that are of importance to our U3A Member Associations. To support our Member U3As a series of guides have been prepared to assist ‘local’ Committees in the planning and delivery of services to their U3A members.

Members U3A Associations may access guides on the topics listed below and related downloadable resources by accessing the Password protected area of this website by using the button below.

  • U3A Network NSW Association Constitution
  • Legal Duties of Committee Members
  • Necessary Documents and their Retention
  • Current U3A Copyright Licences
  • Use of U3A Logo issued by The UK Third Age Trust
  • Legal Matters: Insurance for Homebased U3A Courses/Liability, Copyright (Music), Anti-Discrimination – Are U3As Age Discriminating?, Disability Discrimination, Privacy Legislation
  • Incorporated Associations