Annual Census

2021 U3A Association Data Census

18 February 2020  The 2021 Census is CLOSED, any Member U3A wishing to add or amend data should contact the Network Secretary via the Contact Us page on this website. The links to associated documents below remain active.

The Network needs information about your U3A Association on an annual basis.

2021 is somewhat different due to the effect of Covid-19 on how U3As are likely to carry out their role.

The Network has negotiated reduction in charges and discounts over 2020. A recent vote of members has agreed to waive membership fees in 2021. We have included further options for insurance, details of cover and means whereby premium cost of that insurance, may be estimated to aid decisions of U3A’s

THE ONLINE FORM below is the Network’s option to allow U3A Members to submit data electronically. The Network URGES A THOROUGH READING of the Annual Census Form (pdf) that provides information that providers greater detail than can be included in the online form and is further complemented by the Explanatory Statement and Guide to Completion of Census Form (pdf) as a mandatory task prior to entering data on this form.

Further we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that the paper based form be used as worksheet prior to using this resource which should be retained as part of your U3A records.

Items 16 and 17 Resources (Four documents)

16. Insurance – Protector/Association Liability Proposal Form and Information Document

17 Insurance – Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Proposal Form and Information Document