The ‘Local’ Committee


Volunteers are the key to all aspects of operations at the association or ‘local’ level.  Each U3A Committee needs volunteers to plan and organise activities and to oversee the “business” aspects of their U3A.  Of course many volunteers are needed to create a program, organise venues and to deliver sessions that are typical of all U3As.

Size does matter, the U3As affiliated with U3A Network NSW Inc. range from very small groups with around 20 members and, from the 2023 Census, the data shows: 20 U3As with less than 101 members, 46 U3As with 101 to 500 members, and 9 U3As with over 500 members. 

U3As with 200 or fewer members will likely operate with a small multi-role committee.

Small or large, a volunteer team is needed to make the U3A function well, year in and year out.  As noted elsewhere the need for new volunteers is an ongoing issue, in fact, our age demographic leads to the need for a regular renewal of the volunteer team.

All U3As need to address the functions as listed below, based upon their size and situation:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Program Coordinator

While some may have positions such as:

  • Vice President
  • Venues Officer
  • Technology Support
  • Publicity Officer

U3A is a great idea and it is underpinned by each group having a volunteer team that fills the leadership and operational roles to make “it happen for the benefit of all members”.

Not detailed above are those who deliver activities ranging from exercise classes to philosophy groups, lifestyle talks, excursions, music groups, language programs and technology tuition.