Share Your Skills

Not much to do?   Share your skills.

Are you bored in the lockdown? 

When things are quiet we generally find things to do.

This one is different as our ‘wings have been clipped’.

U3A Network NSW Inc. represents 66 U3A associations in NSW.  Over the 30 plus years of our existence we’ve been supporting your associations and representing what U3A in NSW is about and what it does to the Government and to other bodies.  Our website provides a good profile of what we are about.

We have a core of less than 20 volunteers that makes it all happen, 9 of the team are regional representatives together with our 4 person executive group that looks after the business aspects of our ‘body’ and there’s a few more who look after Newslink, the website and the Network Resource Library.  Our team members are also active volunteers in their ‘home’ U3As.

We have an ongoing need for new volunteers as all U3A members are by definition ‘getting on’.  Our state membership is around 25,000 and we believe there may be members ‘out there’ who have talents and who are keen to make a contribution.

A survey questionnaire has been configured to allow potential volunteers to tell us, the Network, about their skills. You are invited to complete the survey. Your contribution to our efforts to enhance and support our Member U3A Associations throughout NSW will be valued.