E-Ballot Tips

The U3A Network NSW – Electronic Ballot will be ‘open’ for the period specified below for you to ‘vote’ as the endorsed Voting Delegate for your U3A Association.
The Access Password, will be forwarded by Email after 4pm on Friday 27 March to allow you to access the Electronic Ballot form (from 5 pm) to vote in the Electronic Ballot between 5pm Friday 27 March and 5pm Monday 30 March 2020.
The Access Password will consist of 8 characters long (with no added spaces).
On receipt of this password please do NOT share with any other person.
On the ‘real’ page use this button to access the Electronic Ballot Form:
When you click the button above you will proceed to the Electronic Ballot form, the top portion is displayed below.

Please key-in the supplied 8-character Access Password into the Lemon toned area and then Press Enter.  The Electronic Ballot form will now be displayed.

Please follow the on-form instructions to firstly record your U3A Association Name (not your personal name) and then select your Association’s choice for Resolution 1, 2 and 3.
Review your entered details and selections and then CLICK the SUBMIT button to record your completed vote.
This message will then be displayed:

Close the window as no further action is needed, task COMPLETE.

To close this Tutorial, press your Browser ‘Back’ button or Click this link to proceed to record your U3A Association’s vote by using the RED Electronic Ballot Form button.