Member Jottings

Membership of U3A Network NSW Inc. is open to U3A Associations (groups) located in NSW and ACT.  The Network also provides services to Interstate members

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Annual Census 2023    Posted 21 February 2023

This process was, in the main, completed early in December 2022, with 79 ‘carryovers’ plus two former Member U3As re-affiliating, Nepean and Sydney. The earlier in the calendar process the Network utilised was effective, however, a couple of U3As failed to pay within the timeline that was well publicised.   Finally eighty-one invoices were issued with 4 being for website only, resulting in 77 affiliated Member U3As.

Seventy seven U3A associations have ‘signed-up’ for membership of the Network, some 21 taking up all five services and 13 using only one service, those in the main, making use of the group Public Liability Insurance Policy.  Of the 77 Member U3As, 45 took-up more than 3 services.

The total membership of the 77 U3As is 28219, with 24374 members in the NSW/ACT region and 3845 members based in the NT, WA and Tasmania.

The Network, in 2023, has 60 Member associations based in NSW/ACT and 17 are Interstate [1 in the NT 9 in Tas. and 7 in WA].

The Network’s web-hosting service has a total of 40 ongoing users, including 4 taking up our website only service, 3 U3As being in Queensland and 1 U3A in Tasmania.

If required for your future reference, download the Census Form 2023 – Information Package as circulated (November 2022).