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Network Resource Library

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The Resource Library is a collection of course materials which can be used by any U3A organisation for the benefit of its members. Additionally, any individual may find the resources of interest for their own benefit. You can access the Library and its resources from the Network website then click onto the Resource Library link.

How to Order Resources
Many courses are now available directly from this site. When you see the word download at the end of any item, it means that you can download that item via adobe acrobat.
If a course is not yet available direct, or you are unable to download any item contact the Library manager (via the Library website).
To order any resource material, go to the Resource Library website, click on Library Manager and you will be directed to her email address.
Most of the material is available electronically (email). If any item is too lengthy to be sent in this way, you will be advised. In that case, a CD may be sent to you.
Material sent electronically is free of charge. The charge for material on CD is $6, postage included. The charge for material in print is 10 cents per page plus postage.
If you require print copies it is recommended that you contact the Library Manager to advise your postal address and be advised of the cost. Some courses are lengthy.

EXPANDED CATALOGUE 2 – What is available

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Australian History – 19th Century (2 titles) – Gold rushes –- Bushrangers

The Nature of Language; (10 sessions – at least) – Contact Robert Loveday (

The History of the English Language (6 sessions) – Contact Library Manager

Australian Literature in the 19th Century (includes 20 writers)

Geoffrey Chaucer: his Life, Work and Times

Shakespearean Tragedy (Explores 4 plays)

Shakespeare and the Modern World –

Shakespeare’s Shylock – Villain or Victim

The Six Wives of Henry VIII – Powerpoint

International Biographies (32 available)

Explorers – Portuguese Explorers in the Age of Discovery (4)

Explorers – The History of Australian Exploration – a Chronological Summary (11 Explorers)

The “Heroic Age” of Antarctic Exploration (5 stories told)

Famous Australians (27 biographies)

Comparative Religion (Notes on 9 religions available) –

Myths and legends – The Arthurian Legend – 5 Mysteries of the Sea – Irish Myths and Legends More Legends – Santa, Yeti, Loch Ness, Vampires….

The following Courses are downloadable except for “Your Cosmic Connections”
Cryptic Crosswords –

Forum/Discussion Group Topics – 10 Climate Change

Visions, Dreams, Hypnosis –

Architecture Weird and Wonderful –

Your Cosmic Connections – Contact Library Manager

Contact the Library Manager for

An Introduction to the Celts. (5 sessions) – Contact Library Manager

An Introduction to the Celts – Power Point Sessions – Contact Library Manager

South African History to 1900 (7 Topics)

Short biographies of Australian Governors, pre Federation (commencing with Arthur Phillip) – Available on CD only

Short biographies of Australian Premiers, preFederation – Available on CD only

Antarctica 1995 –A tourist’s view – Powerpoint Program

Australia Felix – or is it? – The Murray Darling Basin; The Snowy Mountains Scheme –