Network Resource Library

UPDATE April 2020: The Network Committee has resolved to review the Resource Library website for purpose and utility. Member U3A Associations are invited to comment on the website as it stands and to make suggestions about how such resources are of use to U3A presenters. Email to:
The Resource Library website is set-up for U3A members to order any selected resource material and if you wish to make an inquiry or seek advice on the availability of a resource there is a link to the Resource Librarian’s Email address. Most of the material is available directly by download. If any item is too lengthy to be accessed in this way, you will be advised to contact the library manager. In that case, a memory stick may be sent to you.  Material downloaded electronically is free of charge. The charge for material on a memory stick is $17.00 inclusive of postage.
The charge for material in print is 10 cents per page plus postage.  If you require print copies it is recommended that you contact the Library Manager to advise your postal address and be advised of the cost. Some courses are lengthy.
The opening page gives three immediate ideas for courses including webinar courses that may be accessed via the links given. When you look further at the library catalogues you will see instructions about How to Order Resources. Many courses are now available directly from the site. When you see the word download at the end of any item, it means that you can download that item, typically, as an Adobe Acrobat file.
Visit the Network Resource Library to learn more about the materials may be assistance to your U3A’s program planning.