Create Your Own Web-friendly Newsletter

At the suggestion of our NewsLink editor, Graeme Eggins, the Network Management Committee decided in July 2009 that NewsLink would, from now on, be published solely on thiis website, rather than in hard copy.  Economy wasn't the only reason for this decision.

This presented Graeme with a number of adjustments to be made to his mode of presentation of the newsletter.  Hitherto it has always been published on this site but only supplementary to the printed version which has always been mailed to all our members as well as a few outside people, friends of the Network.  Now web-based NewsLink was to become the upfront version – the public image of the Network.  The changes in thinking are significant.  A print version of the document is not appropriate to user-friendly viewing.  After conferring with your humble webmaster about feasibilities, Graeme put many hours into the production of the October number which set the tone of the future.  It has been acclaimed by many, not just our own members but from U3As and similar organisations throughout the world.

The interest in his production has led Graeme to publish a paper on suggestions to others on how to create similar newsletters.  More and more U3As are turning to electronic delivery of their newsletters and there has been more than somewhat demand for some guidance.

In collaboration with webmaster Ern, Graeme offers this document for your perusal.  Click here to download it.