2019 Updates for U3A Groups

Listed below are some issues and access to some resources to assist the Local U3A. Discussed at the recent Tamworth Conference, the issues relate to the regulatory framework that U3As work within as incorporated associations. See also important information on the management of Copyright in your U3A on this page.

Incorporated Associations

The Department of Fair Trading presented a workshop at the Tamworth Conference which provided an overview of the benefits and requirements of Incorporation, as well as the paperwork and reporting required to ensure continuing compliance with the Act.
There was also an offer of free Guest speakers for U3As on various topics.

Click this link to download the Incorporated Associations presentation; OR click this link for information on the Free Guest Speakers program.

Constitution Template for U3As

Constitution at all times and that it complies with the requirements outlined in the Commentary to the Constitution Template. It must also (through its Public Officer) make sure that its current Constitution and any subsequent amendments are recorded with NSW Department of Fair Trading.

If you are a Network member in Tasmania, WA, the ACT or the NT then this template is not for you. Please contact our Governance Officer, Carmen Champion, for further advice.

Click this link to download the Constitution Template as a ZIP file; OR click this link to download the accompanying Commentary.

Guide to Legal Duties of Committee Members

Carmen Champion’s workshop at the Tamworth Conference was titled “What Makes a Successful Committee”. The paper she distributed to those who attended has now been extended and is now called “Guide to Legal Duties of Committee Members”.

Click this link to download The Guide to Legal Duties of Committee Members.

Guide to Necessary Documents and their Retention

Our Trademarks - What's it all about?

One session at the Conference was devoted to updating attendees on progress with protecting the U3A name, and the background to the benefits and reasoning behind Trademark registration.

For a copy of the presentation U3A: Past Present and Future (which includes the history of U3A and general information on Trademarks) click here ; OR for background Notes on this presentation, click here .

'The Blue Book' is the U3A Network Reference Handbook

It contains all current the Network, its services and policies, and other general information  and advice of interest to U3As.  While some of this information is available in other places on this website, much of it is recorded elsewhere, so it was decided to put it all together in one place for easy reference by U3A committee members when  needed.

Hard copies of the Blue Book have been sent to member U3As in New South Wales.   The format is loose leaf so that additions or amendments can be made easily.  Ready access to the Blue Book should save U3A committees  valuable time in locating answers to their questions quickly and  accurately.

Click The Blue Book to download (includes Page 33A). Please Note: July 2019 The Blue Book is subject to amendment and update.