SGM and 2022 Census

Special General Meeting and our 2022 Service Census

The process that will occur using an ‘electronic ballot’ is a three stage engagement that is conducted to ensure that U3A Network NSW Inc. utilises a member enabling electronic ballot procedure that meets the requirements of the NSW Department of Fair Trading and in the manner that is specified in the Network’s Constitution.  Stages 1 and 2 are now complete with our Annual Census getting underway on 28 December 2021.

Please Note: The Network uses passwords to provide an appropriate level of security for our voting processes with a view to avoiding spurious data entry that would impair our method of data collection. These ‘once only’ passwords will be circulated to stakeholders as part of the process of initiating each stage of the electronic ballot and annual census.

The 2022 Census

The annual census process was conducted until 2018 by a circulated form that listed the services provided by the Network. Each Member U3A would provide an annual membership number based upon the current year and looking to their plans and expectations for the coming year and then choose the services required for their U3A’s activities in the new year.  Formerly all data had to be transcribed to create the source data for an invoice. The Network’s online process has reduced the clerical workload and streamlined the creation of an Annual Service Invoice for each Member U3A.

The Network’s ‘Annual Census’ is designed to create an information snapshot of its Member U3As (NSW & ACT) and its Affiliated U3As (Interstate). Using an online form, all will be invited to provide the appropriate details in our census and, as required, request services for the 2022 Calendar Year. We expect 85 returns with 61 from NSW & ACT and 24 from Interstate.

Please note the changed dates for the Annual Census.
4.00 pm Tuesday 28 December 2021 to 4.00 pm Friday 14 January 2022.

To plan your Census return, nominated Committee members, may wish to evaluate the  information supplied by the Network. In 2021 for 2022 we have created an additional page to assist in the process of service selection and making decisions.  Please visit the Annual Census Preparation page for more information, the Explanatory Statement and Guide, and to gain access to the Online Census.