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April 2017  - No.19

In this Issue:

The U3AAA gang pay a flying visit to Melbourne

Member reports:

  • Victoria changing of the guard
  • Queensland adds 2 more to the fold
  • SA rendezvousing in the Riverland
  • WA taking it easy
  • NSW planning their big event
  • U3A Online live in a virtual world

Reward volunteers with free film passes

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November 2016 - No.18

In this Issue:

The group above met Pepper in Osaka
Member reports:

  • Queensland facelifts and schoolgirl antics?
  • NSW playing games with brain?
  • Victoria counting their numbers?
  • SA expos and guinea pigs?
  • WA’s debut conference a winner?
  • Canberra puts bond in ink?
  • U3A Online big on history

What’s happening in 2017
Allan’s high Cs adventure, free newspapers for your U3A, meet Leo a lion of Nunawading, act fast for free film tickets

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August 2016  - No.17

In this Issue:

The U3AAA gang pay a flying visit to Melbourne

Member reports: Meet Ainslie, the new woman in the chair
Member reports:

  • Queensland admits it’s not always perfect?
  • NSW Network turns 25 and writes history?
  • Victoria learns dangers of Nigel No Friends?
  • SA making hay while the funding sun shines?
  • WA scattering pearls, hopefully not before swine?
  • U3A Online never rests on its laurels

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Researchers always seeking subjects

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April 2016 - No.16

In this Issue:

Member reports: WA turns 30, NSW gets healthy, Queensland creates partnerships, Victoria 106 not out, U3A Online has new faces, SA celebrates volunteers
Change at the top
Our man in Hyderabad
Tasmania produces a new baby every year
Press release envy
China calls
That Jones man has a new book
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Calling all couch potatoes for research

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July 2012  - No.5

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April 2012  - No.4

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December 2011  - No.3

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February 2011  - No.2

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June 2011  - No.1