Member Update

Every U3A that is a member of the U3A Network-NSW can now update their Executive Positions and Network Requirements on-line. 

To update/check your U3A’s information, please make sure you have your ID Number and Password (these have been sent to the secretary of every Network U3A) then click:

 when completed your check/update, please, make sure that you click on ” SAVE THIS DATA ” (on the data page).



(a) As its the case with many organisations these days, the preferred method by far is Electronic Funds transfer (E.F.T.)

Use BSB: 082918 and Account Number: 856781182. This is for the NAB at Richmond.

As soon as possible after making the transfer, please send an email to stating:

                         1. Name of your U3A.
                         2. Your ID Number.
                         3. The total amount of the transfer and
                         4. What it was for by amount
                              (e.g. Website – $50; Insurance – $x etc.)

(b) Payment can also be made by cheque payable to :
      U3A Network-NSW Inc.
and sent, together with the above details, to:

U3A Network Treasure

Thank you for your co-operation.