Inspired by an article in the NRMA’s Journal Open Road September/October 2020

“IN ORDER TO tackle the uncertainty of travel during COVID-19, organisations have been Implementing some interesting alternatives to physically visiting places. Destination NSW has been on the front foot in this regard, offering a smorgasbord of ‘virtual tourism’ suggestions as early as May this year.”

To end our list the inspiring David Attenborough shares his enthusiasm for the Great Barrier Reef.

Live-streamed videos of some enclosures such as the elephants and tigers.

Regional NSW is scattered with parks, gardens and reserves, meaning a place to have a picnic, take a hike, or simply relax is often around the corner. Go in search of jacarandas, spend the night in a vast cool climate garden, stroll through the UNESCO World Heritage rainforest reserves and join in the fun at dedicated garden festivals.

Here’s some ‘virtual tastings’, where you buy the wine.

Unwind after a long day of U3A Zoom meetings or simply not too much to do?

Have a lot of free time on your hands and missing our state’s wonderful landscapes? Destination NSW has compiled a list of online puzzles from Jigsaw Explorer that are NSW-themed.

Pick your preferred puzzle at

In this unique online experience you will go on an interactive journey through this beautiful but threatened world, The Great Barrier Reef, with Sir David Attenborough