Volunteering in U3A

Volunteers are the key to the way U3A delivers its ‘service’ to its members.

The Network estimates that there are over 2,000 volunteers in NSW making U3A happen every year! At each U3A the volunteers do all the administrative tasks, plan and coordinate a program, ready venues, look after printing, maintain the website and, importantly, provide the volunteer tutors that share their experiences in activities ranging from exercise, through travel to philosophy.

Without volunteers U3A in NSW and, in reality, anywhere cannot operate to produce meaningful activities for its members and potential members. The State Committee’s volunteers must be enthusiastic about what U3A can do at the local level and see the potential for all to gain from the knowledge and experience of others when working at the U3A Network NSW level.

In NSW (and ACT) with 59 U3As and over 20,000 members, the U3A Network NSW Inc. needs volunteers to serve as Committee members and a few to supply non-committee support functions, around 15 people in total. The NSW Committee is about supporting the Member U3As based in NSW as well as the interstate affiliate U3As and, importantly, sharing the U3A idea with the wider community and advocating U3A to all levels of Government.

With our age demographic, the need for new volunteers is an ongoing issue, in fact, all of U3A needs a continual flow of volunteers. If you have skills to offer and you are in a position to help, please give it a thought. Please don’t hesitate to inquire! Send an Email to info@u3anet.org.au to make contact, to ask a question or to request information.

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